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Launched in 2018 by Charles Muma, Youth Vision Golden Solutions International’s aim is to raise the awareness of the under privileged youths, the poor, the widows, orphans and street kids in Zambia concerning the following community dangers: Alcohol and drug abuse among youths, child labour, human immune deficiency virus ( HIV/AIDS), tuberculosis (T.B), malnutrition, early pregnancies and marriages, as well as promoting education and community health programs. 

We will also look at factors that contribute to the high rates of the above mentioned problems and ways in which they can be reduced. we will also focus on the primary preventions of these practices and will train people especially the youths  as peer educators and community assistants on how to manage specific issues in emergency settings. The purpose for controlling these issues is to reduce the rates of immorality and mortality in Zambia.

The proposed interventions will include supplying peer educators with videos showing how drugs and alcohol  destroy one’s health and retards skill development. The emphasis will be on crime reduction, good nutrition, HIV/AIDS and Covid-19 awareness, community health programs, entrepreneurship and empowerment, moral guidance and counselling, education and gender equality.

The cost for the completion and success of our projects will be assessed and  estimated so as to update the people who will be involved in the funding process

Our Vision

”Making a better Zambia by 2030”, we would like to see a day when every under privileged in the community regardless of his/her back ground have a chance for the best education to go has far as he/ she wants, a chance for the best health and nutrition in the community, including youths living with disabilities.

Our Mision

”Working together as one, we can achieve good results” To provide and train under privileged youths to utilize the knowledge and skills aquired through practice and creating a conducive environment to sustain self-reliance.