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Executive Desk

Meet Charles Muma, Founder & CEO of Youth Vision Golden Solutions International Organization, a non-profit organization.

Charles Muma is a child and youth care professional, innovator, financial & accounting and inventory specialist.

About Project

Our project aim is to raise awareness in the under priviledged youths, the poor, widows, orphans and street kids in Zambia on the dangers of alcohol and drug abuse among the youths, Child labour, human immune deficiency syndrome (HIV/AIDS), Tuberculosis (T.B), Malnutrition, early pregnancies & marriages, as well as promoting education & gender not forgetting also community health programs inclusive and also youths living with disabilities.

Our Objectives

Our objective is to minimizing the cases of drugs and alcohol abuse by educational programs and sensitization campaigns in the community.

To also minimize cases of child labour and to economically empower vulnerable youths and support entrepreneurship for youths, we also want to promote girl and boy child educational by securing school places and support for the under privileged families in the community.

To support community schools, community health centers, community training centers and to put up youth rehabilitation centers for the better and acceptable good results in the society.

To provide training for youths on behavarial change program and to promote traditional and cultural awareness of our mother Zambia. 

Areas of Operation

We shall operate in all provincial cities (10 provinces) in Zambia.