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Glorious loneliness

Loneliness is an unpopular thing today. It seems that the guarantee from this feeling is an extensive circle of communication, life under one roof with relatives and friends. But is it?

In a sociological study conducted under the auspices of the EEC*, people from different countries asked: “How often do you communicate with your family? Do you feel lonely and to what extent?”It turned out that of all Europeans, the Danes are less likely to communicate with their relatives, while they least of all feel lonely. But the Italians, on the contrary, see close ones more often than the rest and. They feel the loneliness of their loneliness.

This paradox concerns many of us: today we communicate with each other more than ever, and the feeling of loneliness still does not leave. What’s the matter? Maybe that we are simply misinterpreting it? In our minds, two concepts were somehow imperceptibly mixed, “to be alone” merged and suffer from it ”. But one of the other does not stem at all. Complaining of loneliness, we most often want to say, shout to someone: “I will leave, abandoned!”And we strive for each other to calm this feeling of abandonment, fill the void. We run to others, but in fact – from ourselves.

And as a result, we find ourselves in that spiritual tightness, the dependence, which then goes into enmity and hatred … An obvious example: too early or early -ripening rapprochement under the pressure of violently acting hormones often end in disaster. After some time, people begin to understand that they are completely alien, and no less terrible arises-loneliness together.

Yes, it is difficult to be alone, alone only with yourself and at the same time feel filled, whole, happy. But in the life of every person there are certainly years of loneliness, sometimes even many years. How to go through them?


My wife and I often repeat the ancient truth to our named daughters: if only personal happiness will be desired, it will run away like a sunny bunny. It is worth wishing another – own fullness. You need to try to fill your life not only through another (others), but also through all the beautiful – nature, music, art. And in people – learn to peer, pass them through your soul. Following this inner completeness, a real meeting will come: after all, in order to come closer to real, you need to have something that can be shared.

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